Third Party


The Traffic Act 1989’, states that every vehicle on the roads of Uganda is required to carry a third party insurance against accidents causing death or bodily injury to third parties.


Third party car insurance claim process is entirely different than the process of filing claims for own damage. If your insured causes damage to any third party car you need to inform your car insurance provider immediately and ask for instructions to follow. If any third party gets severely injured you have to take the injured person to the nearest hospital.


A motor vehicle is issued with a sticker which is displayed on the wind screen as evidence of this insurance. Presently it only covers death or bodily injury and with an aggregate limit of 10,000,000/= Ugandan shillings (Ten million), per vehicle per accident and a limit of 1,000,000/=  (one million) Ugandan shillings per person. There are different premium charges depending on the use and type of vehicle.



There are two types of car insurance policies available in Uganda in terms of coverage. As per Motor Vehicles Act 1988, third party car insurance plans are essential in Uganda. You need to buy this type of car insurance so that you can drive your car on roads of Uganda.  Another type of car insurance which is optional comes with comprehensive coverage.

The sole purpose why you buy car insurance in Uganda is to stay financially protected in case of a mishap. A vehicle insurance plan essentially covers the financial losses of the owners of the car if the car gets stolen or damaged or if the accident leaves the policyholders injured or even dead. To avail monetary compensation out of your insurance policy for car, you need to make a claim and most importantly get your claim approved. So, knowing the right ways of registering a claim is highly significant. Motor insurance claims are of different types as there are various unforeseen situations when car owners need to file a claim. Here is the motor insurance claim process for damages caused to the insured car of policyholders.

There are good reasons to consider Private Motor Vehicle Insurance from SWICO, it Provides protection against accidental loss or damage to personal private motor vehicles, including the standard accessories and spare parts, as well as cover against legal liability to third parties.


Our team will tailor your private car policy to cater for your individual requirements be this:




At SWICO we assume that anyone who owns a commercial vehicle has this vehicle as it forms an integral part of their business. As such the vehicle needs to be insured correctly with the right insurer to ensure in the event of a claim:


  • There are no surprises regarding claim settlement
  • Once a legitimate claim is agreed relevant repairs are carried out quickly or the financial settlement paid promptly by insurers.


We find that this along with our knowledge of dealing with commercial vehicle policies we ensures our client gets the right policy in place and there are no issues the day the claim happens.


We have facilities to cater for all manner of commercial vehicle be it a 35ton HGV or a small van.


Additionally we will look at multi vehicle policies and conversion to fleet polices if this proves financially beneficial to our clients.

Motor Fleet Insurance


At SWICO we have many years experience in the placement and handling of motor fleet insurance.
Types of fleet insurance offered:

  • Car Fleet Insurance

  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Private Hire Fleet Insurance
  • Public Hire Fleet Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle Fleet Insurance
  • Van Fleet Insurance
  • Haulage Fleet Insurance
  • HGV Fleet Insurance
  • Coach Fleet Insurance
  • Truck Fleet Insurance
  • Minibus Fleet Insurance
  • Taxi Fleet Insurance
  • Funeral Car Fleet Insurance

  • Wedding Car Fleet Insurance
  • Chauffeur Fleet Insurance
  • Courier Fleet Insurance
  • Fleet Car Insurance
  • Business Fleet Insurance
  • Mini Fleet Insurance
  • Small Fleet Insurance
  • Fleet Vehicle Insurance
  • Fleet Auto Insurance
  • Lorry Fleet Insurance
  • HGV Fleet Insurance

Family Fleet Insurance

There are many families these days who own a number of vehicles which will range in both performance and value along with the ages of the relevant drivers.


It’s very often a far more sensible solution to insure these vehicles on a family fleet policy which will enable you to tailor the cover to your exact requirements.


Benefits of Family Fleet Policies


  • Reduces the administration burden so saves time
  • Each family member still builds and retain their own claim
  • Tailored cover
  • Easy documentation
  • Premium installment facilities


So if you have a number of vehicles within the family and would like to see how a family fleet policy could work for you, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Motor Omnibus


A provision in standard automobile liability policies that embraces within the definition of "insured" certain persons without the necessity of naming them or designating them specifically.

Motor Tractor


Fires are a common insurance occurrence, and can be caused by an oil or diesel leak coming into contact with a high temperature object such as the vehicle’s turbocharger, or dust and debris around the engine compartment.


Despite their size and speed capabilities, farm tractors are frequently stolen. Because they’re not perceived as being the easiest of theft targets, keys will often be left in the ignition, or the vehicle itself left by the roadside. The simple approach answer is to treat your tractor as you would your car when it comes to security, or with even more caution, given its expense.



Motor third party insurance was introduced by the motor vehicle insurance (third Party risk) Act in 1989. The Act provides for compulsory insurance against third party bodily risks in respect of the use of motor cycles/vehicles. It is mandatory that any motor cycle for private or commercial use should have motor third party insurance cover. The law only exempts government owned vehicles.


The person who benefits from motor third party is a third party who suffers loss or death or bodily injury as a result of an accident. This may be any road user, such as a pedestrian, motor vehicle passenger, a property owner involved in an accident. The first party is the owner of the motor cycle where as we the insurance company SWICO is the second party.