Home insurance plans provide coverage for damage of the house or contents inside the house. Your domestic building and the contents therein are insurable under this policy against the risks of fire, damage as a result of forcible entry during a robbery, riots and strikes, malicious damage, bursting and overflowing of tanks and water pipes all of which may cause loss or damage to the building or the contents therein.

·         Impact damage to the gates walls and fences connected to the building is also covered.

·         There are many benefits of securing a suitable home insurance policy. Aside from the peace of mind for keeping your property intact, there are many other facilities that come with a house insurance cover. You can get repairs done on emergency basis and if your house gets damaged, expenses for staying outside your residence.

·         This is a comprehensive domestic package covering all accidents and liabilities associated with domestic dwelling houses


You shouldn't wait for a disaster to ruin your house; you should rather go for a home insurance with Statewide Insurance beforehand. 

Standard cover would include:

  • All risks cover for buildings
  • Property owners liabilities insurance
  • Loss of rent

Optional covers including:

  • Rent guarantee
  • Legal protection
  • landlords contents
  • Subsidence
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Terrorism

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