Marine insurance covers the loss or damage to goods at sea, of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination.

This insurance typically compensates the owner of merchandise for losses in excess of those which can be legally recovered from the carrier that are sustained from fire. (Shipwreck, piracy and various other cases).

Cargo insurance is a sub-branch of marine insurance, though Marine also includes Onshore and Offshore exposed property, (container terminals), ports, oil platforms, pipelines), Hull, Marine Casualty, and Marine Liability.. When goods are transported by mail or courier, shipping insurance is used instead.

Who has a special interest in this policy?

  • Exporters and Importers.
  • Any other individual with a need to move something to and from overseas.


  • Provision of commercial or consignment or proforma invoice on the goods to be transport.
  • Completion of proposal form.

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