Our purpose is to create a better everyday life for every person, our business being insurance, by offering a wide range of products, we take deliberate efforts to maintain good and cordial relationship with our clients and the general public by advising and guiding them on the possible covers and this is in line with our mission vision and values.

We continually strive to improve on our service delivery and customer care aspect. Providing excellent professional services and having the desire to always satisfy our customers to the best of our abilities, we believe every individual deserves to be valued being our customers then our members of staff, who contribute to our ever growing success.

We have taken great measures in finding out what our clients and the general public think of our services in general, "Suggestion Box" in place at head office to collect all comments, more suggestion boxes will be placed at all of our branches in Uganda for the same purpose, our website and social media are actively operational more than ever before.

Many methods of maintaining the communication flow with all our present and future clients is of "SWICO" importance and has been incorporated and maintained..............services such as 'call center' are yet to be introduced, this will enable SWICO to increase on efficiency, by ensuring excellent management of our clients relationship in all aspects.

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