• Workers Compensation
    Workers Compensation

    All categories of employees are covered in event of accidental death or bodily injury/disease during the course of their employment.

  • Marine/Cargo Insurance
    Marine/Cargo Insurance

    We provide cover against problems that arise, whilst on sea or air which include fire, theft, collision, and a wide range of problems that may cause damage, loss or education to your goods/cargo.


    This policy would cover your motor vehicles against the risks of fire, theft and accidental damage. The policy would also cover third party liability as per Statute plus an extension to cover property damage,

  • Fire & Special Perils
    Fire & Special Perils

    Your buildings and contents therein could be insured under a fire and special perils policy to cover the risks of accidental fires by whatever nature plus damage to the same as a result of riots,



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SWICO covers you

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Marine Hull

This is insurance of the vessels /boats at sea or lakes against accidents causing damage to the vessel or capsizing .It ... Read more

Advance Payment Bond

If a client agrees to make advance payment to a contractor usually for mobilization of equipment and materials, a bond m... Read more

Custom Bond

A custom bond is a financial guarantee between three parties- the insurance company as surety, the principal who is requ... Read more

Bid Bond

A bid bond is issued as part of a supply bidding process by the contractor to the principal. This guarantees that the wi... Read more

Performance Bond

A performance bond ensures payment of a sum as agreed between the principal and the contractor in case the contractor fa... Read more

Retention Bond

This is a type of bond that protects the principal after a job or project is completed. It guarantees that the contracto... Read more

Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment insurance covers sudden and unforeseen losses to specified pieces of equipment or computer componen... Read more

Products Liability

This policy covers the insured-usually manufacturers, producers or providers of goods and consumable items or their agen... Read more

Medical Equipment - All Risks

\r\nMedical equipment is not only expensive but each is designed to perform specific operation to assist in the diagnosi... Read more

Statutory Motor Third Party

As by law under the Road and Traffic Act, every vehicle on the road is required to carry this insurance against accident... Read more

Directors' and Officers' Liability

\r\nShare holders or company owners can hold directors and officers liable for actions or decisions they may take which ... Read more

Plate Glass

\r\n This policy insures plate glasses normally found in showrooms, office buildings and commercial buildings. It cov... Read more


\r\nFor all institutions that are worthy and professional, we can guarantee them against works or tax liabilities and th... Read more

House owners insurance

·      Home insurance plans provide coverage for damage of the house or contents inside the house. Your domestic bui... Read more

Goods in Transit/Marine

\r\nTransportation of your goods from one place to another including imports/exports by road/rail/sea/air can be covered... Read more

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight acci... Read more

Engineering Policies

\r\nThese include among others Contractors All Risks, Erection All Risks, Boiler and Pressure for industrialists... Read more

Money Insurance

\r\nYou may sometimes carry cash to or from the bank to facilitate your business transactions. Consequently the risk of ... Read more

Fire & Special Perils

Fire Insurance covers damage or loss to a property because of fire. It is a specific form of insurance in addition to ... Read more

Public Liability

\r\nIt is a common habit to find the following written in public places and institutions “Parking at owner’s... Read more

All Risks

All Risk is a type of insurance coverage that can exclude only risks that have been specifically outlined in the contr... Read more

Fidelity Guarantee

\r\nThis is insurance against acts of fraud and embezzlement occasioned by your employees especially those usually handl... Read more

Burglary Insurance

 A Burglary Insurance policy may be offered for a business enterprise, a shop, an office etc. The policy covers proper... Read more

Group Personal Accident

A group personal accident policy is 24 hour cover, which covers employees during their service with the company, this ... Read more

Professional Indemnity

\r\nThe cover that comes to the rescue of any professional following an error or omission. This is best for Doctors, Law... Read more

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